We must have a fossil-free world,” says Audi CEO Markus Duesmann

The competition must be paying attention.

A significant shift is taking place in the automotive industry, driven in part due to Tesla and its controversial Chief Executive Officer Elon Musk.

The shift to an all-electric automobile isn’t going to happen in a flash, but it will take at least 10 years. In addition to acknowledging the effects of climate change as well as the related extremely strict emission standards, traditional carmakers such as Audi are moving to electric vehicles.


Audi Chief Executive Officer Markus Duesmann, who recently participated on a panel during the Climate Conference co-hosted by German publication Spiegel and BCG He was very clear about his position and did not shy away from speaking his mind.

“Climate change is caused by fossil fuels that we extract from the earth. It’s time to be put to an end. We must have a fossil-free world,” he told the crowd.

Markus Duesmann

“E-cars are the most effective method of driving us towards an electricity-based society. Plug-in hybrid technology helps bridge the gap, making it easier to transition to electric driving. It is a good thing that it is a viable option for the next couple of years. However, the ultimate aim should be 100% electric cars. This means that we’re carbon-neutral.”

Audi’s entirely electrified range will took almost a decade,
By 2025, the company will offer 20 pure electric vehicles within its global line-up. Production of gasoline engines is expected to be finished in 2033. From 2026 onwards, it will only be launching electric vehicles.

The Audi etron GT, E-tron, as well as the Q4 etron are the only fully electric models that are available on sale.

AUDI EV blue

The Q6 etron is too far off and there’s a good possibility for Audi’s next halo model, which is a follow-up to the R8 model, will be completely electric. It’s not every day that the chief executive of an automobile manufacturer whose customers typically have large pockets, is so blunt.

Under the direction of Duesmann at the time, Audi began working about two years ago to develop their super-secret Project Artemis, which should produce the creation of a new production model by 2024.

AUDI EV interior

It’s described as an “pioneering design” for Audi as well as for the Volkswagen Group as a whole. It’s not just fully electrified, but it should be equipped with the most advanced autonomous technology.

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