Volkswagen’s ID.Life concept vehicle is an affordable electric mini-SUV of 250 miles range and 231-Bhp power

Volkswagen revealed their ID.Life concept electric mini-SUV at the 2021 Munich auto show.

It is a 231-hp electric motor offering front wheel drive.

Brand provides 57.0-kWh battery and is able to deliver 249 miles of range per charge.

The German automaker focusing on next generation small EVs is the aim of the ID.Life concept.

ID.Life concept unveiled a new model of their upcoming model which might arrive in Europe by 2025.

It resembles like a mix of both city car and little bit of compact SUV ,The ID Life concept powered with an 57kWh battery pack, The brand claims it can run up to 400 kilometers (about 250 miles) in a single charge on the European WLTP testing cycle.

VW ID Concept

172kW motor ensuring 230 horsepower will sit on the front axle ,The ID Life will be the first MEB car with front-wheel drive to sprint from 0 to 100 kilometers in just under seven seconds.

The interior of the vehicle is configurable, by using settings you can convert the front and second-row bench seats into a bed as well as a cargo space.

VW ID Concept

Also ID.Life’s cabin can transform into a place to watch movies or play video games.

A hexagonal-yoke shaped steering wheel has an inbuilt digital display screen

The driver can put his smartphone/tablet instead of an infotainment system in the space provided.

The ID.Life concept uses cameras and small displays instead of interior and exterior mirrors.

No wireless charging is there and no pocket in the driver side door is provided.

VW ID Concept

Very thin rear bench seat and the front trunk looks sleek and tiny ,VW is encouraging as well as promoting the idea of adapting natural and recycled materials with the ID Life concept. The roof and hood are built of recycled PET bottles. The tires are made of natural “rubber and rice husks.”

Using recyclable products in a car is very good yet known concept, but implementing such things in a car takes a lot of effort and time.

VW ID Concept

Volkswagen mentioned that the mini SUV will cost roughly around $24,000,at this price this car is considered to be the cheapest electric car available in the market.

President and CEO of Volkswagen of America said that “I think a car like that, strategically, it’s got some SUV-esque proportions and the packaging, [it] is something certainly we want to do. You can’t get to all these dreams of [up to] 70 percent [of new cars being EVs] . . . if you can’t hit a price point that’s lower. So I wouldn’t say no. I would say take a look at it. “I think the biggest message that’s being missed with electrification right now is, your average car in the United States has a transaction price around $32,000,” If you look at most EV announcements, most of them are $70,000 or $80,000.”

Volkswagen is planning to sell half of the new EV’s VWs sold in both North America and China.

VW ID Concept

So far there’s no current plan to sell the production version of the ID.Life in the United States.

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