Porsche’s futuristic six seater ‘Renndienst’ electric van’s interior featuring 180 degree rotating driver seat

Porsche’s “vision of the day after tomorrow” is finally launched the photos of Renndienst Electric Van interior.

Porsche Vision Renndienst electric van concept was initially released in November 2020

Now they have released the photos of the Renndienst electric van .

It’s a six seater vehicle , but it’s a bit of a difference in the arrangement of chairs. Driver seat is in the center.

Renndienst Electric Van

The driver’s seat can swivel up to 180 degrees which ensures the pilot an easy communication with passengers.

seats provide a good amount of shoulder support  and convenient  headrest . Front and second-row seats look very like a spaceship. 

In the second-row each passenger gets their own chair. This design compliments the vast area in the center for quicker access to the third row. The third row is like a bench.

Chief designer Michael Mauer said  that “We thought about how we could still give a distinctly Porsche flair to a passenger compartment that is so far removed from the classic sports-car interior. And how autonomous driving could be designed”.

Renndienst Electric Van interior

Porsche calls the model “a vision of the day after tomorrow.”

Porsche made the Vision Renndienst in 2018 but didn’t expose it to the public until 2020.

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