Subaru WRX will unleash in New York International Auto Show, Does it have a boxer engine?

Subaru one of the leading auto manufacturing company of America, announced today about the debut of their upcoming Subaru WRX at the New York International Auto Show on August 19.

The company says that “The 2022 WRX is a whole new beast and it’s about to be unleashed at the New York International Auto Show on August 19” .

Subaru’s released teaser video depicts an orange sedan driving through the desert followed by the rhythm of a boxer engine and an action movie background score.

Details are hidden about this particular model but when you cross check the video you can find similarity in tail lights with new BRZ.

When compared to the  previous-generation WRX, the 2022 WRX might look quite a little bit different.

More information is not available about this particular model stay tuned for more updates.

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