Toyota Prius hybrid was built using similar battery cells which were introduced in the 1990s !

The Futuristic bipolar battery claims to provide 1.5 twice the energy output of older technology.

Toyota is one of the leaders in the field of developing hybrid vehicles.

Toyota’s Prius hybrid has remained one of the game changers for the company as well as in the global hybrid car market.

Toyota Prius hybrid was built using similar battery cells which was introduced in the 90s.

The automaker is all set to bring new technologies for Prius and other hybrid cars of the OEM. The initial Toyota Prius hybrid came with the nickel-metal hydride battery. Since then, it has been upgraded to Toyota’s latest bipolar nickel-metal-hydride battery that was introduced with the new Aqua as well as the Prius C earlier in 2021.

toyota prius hybrid

The New bipolar battery claims to provide 1.5 times the energy output of the old battery. Additionally, this technology can accommodate 1.4 times more battery cells to be placed in the same area, which allows for higher energy density.

The Japanese automaker began working on this technology in the year 2016. The new technology utilizes the same area, but it provides double the power, according to group manager of Toyota’s highly advanced battery development division Motoyoshi Okumura, in an interview.

bipolar battery

Okumura stated that the public believe that nickel-metal-hydride batteries are outdated technology, but they’re not. “We have been working on this brand new nickel-metal-hydride battery due to the fact that following 20 years use there was a record of success. The basic design of the battery is not significantly different. Therefore, we have decided to tackle the challenge of increasing production,” he also added.


The report further states that Toyota will utilize the identical bipolar nickel-metal hydride lithium battery for its hybrid vehicles that require rapid power surges. Toyota believes that using lithium-ion is more appropriate for all-electric vehicles which require greater energy storage.

The Japanese automobile manufacturer is currently developing a new type battery made of lithium-ion. Apart from that, it’s also developing solid-state batteries. These are believed as more effective and efficient than the traditional lithium-ion batteries. According to the automaker, in order to attain carbon neutrality, it’s essential to have an array of choices.

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