The Track focused 1578hp Bugatti Bolide will cost 4.7 million dollars

Bugatti revealed about the production of Bugatti Bolide first introduced as an 1825-hp but later it changed into 1578hp.

Bugatti confirmed in a press release that the manufacturing of bolide will be limited to 40 units, each with an approximated price of about $4.7 million.

Bolide is a track focused car. It has the same 8.0-liter quad-turbocharged W-16 and four wheel drive like Chiron and its various models.

Engine is capable of producing 1,824 hp and 1,365 lb-ft of torque on 110-octane racing fuel.

Bugatti Bolide track

Bugatti also implemented weight reduction to a much greater extent, The Bolide concept had a weight of 2,733 pounds, which is less when it is compared to Toyota GR 86.

It’s because of the monocoque chassis, also they used a carbon-fiber rear prop shaft and 3D-printed titanium pushrods as well.

A huge front wing generates the downforce of 1,764 pounds and a big rear wing makes 3,968 pounds of downforce, both are measured at 200 mph.

Bugatti Bolide track

The Bolide is built in roof scoop which is made from a flexible material that deforms at top speed, making dimples that reduce aerodynamic drag.

This technique is obtained from the humble golf ball.

Anyway the sale and deliveries will be scheduled only after 2024.

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