The 2022 Subaru Forester Wilderness starts at $36,995

Subaru revealed their second upcoming Wilderness model by a teaser, but the brand doesn’t revealed much details officially

From the video it’s almost clear that this vehicle is another version of the Forester.

The teaser video contains visuals of outdoors like a forest, rocky path, and snow along with vehicles.

Brand doesn’t mention anything about the mechanical upgrades for the Forester Wilderness.

The teaser shows a Wilderness model moving on muddy trails and driving over rocks.

But from the teaser we could expect some difference in the bumpers, suspension, front skid plate, all-terrain tires.

Subaru wilderness off-road

These upgrades are not enough to climb any mountain or cross a river, but the changes should make a difference in look and feel. Also it will compliment the vehicle in a good manner.

Outback Wilderness starts at $36,995 more details are not yet confirmed by the brand

Subaru officially announced the Wilderness models in early 2021.Also said that the first two vehicles will be Outback and Forester.

The brand hoped to attract active lifestyle seeking families who really need to explore a little bit of off-road adventures.

The brand doesn’t reveal anything about the vehicle yet other than a teaser

We hope to hear more about this new Wilderness model soon, and it will debut September 2nd.

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