Subaru WRX 2022 : Information we know about the brand new Sedan and wagon

The next generation Subaru WRX was for a while and is expected to bring significant modifications for those who have been awed by the model that was once derived from rallying.

We’ve got everything we’ve learned so far about the model that has made Subaru the most well-known brand ahead of the model’s upcoming debut in 2022.

Be aware that the performance hero’s debut is expected before the close of Q1 2022. However, there are a few important aspects we don’t know about such as pricing, trim levels or the standard equipment. The cars that were seen at the 2022 launch of the BRZ as shown in this photo were believed to be merely indicative and were not production models.

In Australia the WRX is available in wagon and sedan versions

The Levorg sports wagon has gone away and it has been combined with the WRX range. The latter is an alternative for loading.

This is due to the fact that Australia will receive only an extremely powerful model of what could be known as the Levorg and, since it has a common platform, engine and the majority inside with WRX sedan, there’s very little reason to differentiate the two designs.

Subaru WRX 2022

As opposed to the sedan, WRX Sportwagon has a more sensible style and has a less controversial look, removing the plastic claddings as well as the wild rear bumper designs that have created a polarizing image for the sedan.

The Sportwagon is also offered with the brand’s latest Continuously Variable Automatic Transmission which, unlike the sedan, won’t be available in a manual six-speed.

New engine, new platform for Subaru WRX 2022

Subaru WRX Subaru WRX has merged onto the same Subaru Global Platform (SGP) like the other models of the range. This means that it has more rigidity and consequently more responsive handling, better impacts absorption, and the complete and modernised two-camera EyeSight actively-operating safety system for automatic models and Subaru is also claiming that it gives the vehicle with greater levels of steering response and the ride quality.

Subaru WRX 2022

The brand-new 2.4-litre turbocharged 4-cylinder motor replaces its predecessor, a 2.0-litre unit, which now produces 350Nm and 202 kW, and continues to power all four wheels using Subaru’s trademark symmetrical all-wheel drive system. It’s also linked with a new, continuously variable auto known as”the Subaru Performance Transmission, or an enhanced six-speed manual that is only available for sedans.

Safety technology has been upgraded to provide better protection

Not only will the automatic models of the WRX come with the most recent versions of their EyeSight safety system, that has an ‘expansive viewing angle’ and supports junction aid, but if this brand is following the same format similar to the BRZ the WRX will be equipped with the active safety items that face the rear such as blind-spot monitoring and rear cross-traffic alert along with rear AEB.

For the first time, this WRX will also come with an electrical brake booster which is claimed to boost the responsiveness of the brakes and aids the active system to stop the vehicle more efficiently.

It shares it’s interior design with latest-generation Outback

It’s a design that’s similar and, most importantly, the brand’s latest huge multimedia touchscreen that is oriented towards portraits which replaces the two screens that were present on the old car.

Subaru WRX 2022

The huge layout, which measures 11.6 inches can allow users to enjoy the option of Apple CarPlay or Android Auto connectivity, as well as access to the climate control functions via the same screen. What makes it different from the Outback however, is in its seats which get bucket-style seats developed in conjunction with Recaro.

It’s likely to be affected by shortages of stocks in 2022

Similar to the BRZ sports car prior to it, we anticipate supply of the brand new WRX to be hindered due to the myriad of issues faced by Subaru worldwide, ranging from shortage of semiconductors to logistical delays related to COVID.

subaru crosstrek

It is unclear whether the sedan and wagon pair will be able to be ordered on a first-come-first-served basis, or whether there will be set numbers of stock allocations as it was for the first 500 units of the BRZ. Subaru was not able to comment about the issue when it announced the BRZ however, stating that the matter would be “hard to say for now” and that it was “working through supply issues with the factory”.

STI version believed to have greater power

Are you disappointed by the modest increase in power that the 2022 WRX is confirmed to possess? A fully fat STI model is expected to be revealed in March. There are rumours that have come out of overseas media indicating that it will receive an even more powerful version that is a 2.4-litre four-cylinder engine, producing around 295kW.

Subaru WRX 2022

It would put it into the realm of performance than those of the Toyota GR Supra (285kW) and the brand new Nissan Z (298kW) for some sort of JDM improvement in performance, however we’ll have to wait to see if these speculations are to pass.

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