“Showcasing the future with Audi” presenting all new skysphere concept on 10 August

Audi has their answers about the future of mobility.

Audi is presenting a fascinating concept of their new cars and studies.
also sharing information on their technological possibilities, introducing innovations, and exciting designs.

How will Audi develop mobility for the future?

In a multi-part dialogue series, Marc Lichte (Head of Design, AUDI AG) and Henrik Wenders (Head of Brand, AUDI AG)demonstrated how the future premium mobility will act in the future.

Also described about how vehicles will increasingly become experience devices. what will the drivers and passengers experience in the future vehicles.

They provide awareness into the creation of the Audi skysphere, Audi grandsphere, and Audi urbansphere concept vehicles and a pleasant vision of mobility.

Henrik Wenders (Head of Brand, AUDI AG) and Marc Lichte (Head of Design, AUDI AG) give detailed information about the names of the concept vehicles represent and what the vision is behind the three spheres.

The Horch 853 A was an icon of its time. It serves as a template for Henrik Wenders and Marc Lichte in the second part of the dialogue series. They show why the past and the present influences when it comes to creating the future, and which mobility worlds the Audi skysphere concept can relate to.

So we came in to the conclusion that the Audi is more Futuristic.

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