Porsche’s New Digital Twin technology will predict breakdowns before they appear !

Futuristic Technology For Future Porsche Cars

Porsche has come up with a revolutionary technology that can create a virtual representation of the car that was originally built.

employing different algorithms, it can identify and predict when a car requires maintenance. This technology is known as Digital Twin.

Porsche Digital Twin technology is said to be a mix of algorithms.

It makes use of host sensor data and big data to suggest services in accordance with the driving style of the driver.

Porsche digital twin

For instance the system is capable of detecting the drivers driving pattern and style, from which it can analyze the issues pretty well.

The Digital Twin may recommend a service if required for suspension or the engine before the driver notices it.

The Porsche CLAIMS that This intelligent use of data makes the vehicle safer for its passengers because any specific faults are identified immediately, even before the driver or the workshop notices a problem signified by noise or vibration.

The German high-performance luxury car manufacturer under the part of the Volkswagen Group is not yet planned to start Digital Twin service until 2022.

The Porsche has already tested the technology on different prototypes. Around 50 percent of Porsche Taycan owners have signed up for the program pilot that monitors the electric vehicles air suspensions for body acceleration.

porsche digital twin new

Digital Twin is a Digital Twin program that is likely to allow automakers abandon fixed maintenance schedules in favor of specific maintenance suggestions for drivers. The user will have a digital record of the vehicle’s problems and service history.

It could also lead to an innovative business model for automotive OEMs .

The technology can be sold as a value-added service or bundle it with an additional package for a price.

Porsche digital twin new

But, Porsche does not yet reveal any additional details regarding Digital Twin technology.

The system will gather “sensor data directly from mechatronic components,” said Porsche, with other functionalities coming very soon.

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