Polestar Revealed Information About Three Upcoming Models

Polestar is Volvo’s electric sub brand and will release two SUVs as well as an iconic sedan over 4 years and these models are powered by the 103.0-kWh battery.

Polestar has ambitious plans for the next couple of years.

The name was previously used to describe Volvo’s performance vehicles, Polestar has now become an independent brand that has an electric lineup, which currently comprises two electric sedans.

The Swedish automaker plans to make this lineup expand to four models by 2024.

The company hopes to increase sales from 10,000 vehicles last year to the 290,000 mark in 2025. These latest Polestar models are expected to launch in the near future.

Expected Range of Miles For Upcoming Polestar Models

Each of the electric vehicles will be aiming to achieve 373 miles of range in the European WLTP cycle. This could translate into the EPA rating of 300 miles within the U.S. They’ll be using an electrical structure that was developed by Volvo and Lotus with a 103.0-kWh battery, and Polestar states that they’ll be able to charge up to 80 percent within 20 minutes.


The electrical design will permit for around 22 kilowatts in bidirectional charging for a home as well as other electric vehicles.

Polestar is also developing an electric motor which will create 603 horsepower. These models will be powered by two-speed gearboxes same as that of Porsche Taycan and Audi e-tron GT.

Polestar 3 (2022)

Polestar 3 Polestar 3 is a five-seat 2-row crossover that is expected to be available first, by the end of the year. Polestar claims that it will be similar in terms of size, cost, in performance and size to the Porsche Cayenne. “Our desires, aspirations are to be in that area of performance, design, and innovation,” Gregor Hembrough, director for Polestar USA, says about Porsche. The car will be available in two-motor and single-motor options. The price is anticipated to start at about $75,000. The first image from Polestar showcases a camouflaged model of the three and provides an idea of its overall design and proportions.


Polestar 4 (2023)

Polestar has released a photo of its 4 SUV encased with a white sheet; however, the company has described it as a crossover that resembles a coupe, and it’s targeted towards an audience that includes the Porsche Macan. We’re anticipating it to be larger than the Polestar 3 however, it will have a similar design. The 4 could start at the middle of $50,000.

Polestar 5 (2024)

The concept was first revealed by the Precept 5 model, the 5 will function as the mainstay of the label.

The image released by Polestar shows the final version, which appears very like the concept model which was shown earlier. Polestar is inclined to see it as a potential competitor with the Porsche Panamera and also rival other premium electric vehicles like those from Tesla Model S, Porsche Taycan, Mercedes-Benz’ EQS as well as Lucid Air.

Prices are expected to begin at about $100,000.

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