Pininfarina finally reveals their all new Battista electric hypercar

Renowned carmaker Pininfarina has finally unveiled their electric hypercar at Monterey Car Week.

Italian coachbuilder turned carmaker “Pininfarina” stated their new electric supercar ‘Battista’ ‘The world’s first pure electric hyper GT’.

Crafted this hyper car in a unique stylish design apart from this Battista is featuring the best Powerful zero-emission powertrain.
It is capable of running 450 km on a single charge.

And Pininfarina Battista is built in 1900 hp electric powertrain consisting four electric motors and power of 120 kWh battery.

battista pininfarina

Battista body is painted in a Black Exposed Signature Carbon exterior finish.

Designed in aerodynamic curvy bodywork with polished Impulso forged aluminum alloy wheels, which enhance its beauty.

Interior is decorated with visually attractive color themes.

The cockpit of the hyper car is a tailored look featuring optional Pilota seats and crafted everything neatly with sustainable black leather.

The seats and upholstery are tailored in Iconica Blu contrast stitching.

The cabin’s Interior decorated with Jewelry Pack finish which is brushed in black anodized aluminum.

battista pininfarina interior

The car get unique soundscape of an electric hypercar.

The Brand claims that the car makes a unique sound that has the core frequency of 54 Hz.

Pininfarina also states that its sound has a mathematical rhythm consistent with the universe and a pure sound.

And they also claim that every driver has an emotional connection with their car and the sound of Battista will bond this connection.

This Mahindra-owned company also states that Battista is among the fastest electric cars in the world.

battista pininfarina

The car is powered with four electric motors, each motor powering each wheel.

Combined with a 120 kwh battery and electric powertrain it is capable of producing 1,900 hp power output and torque of 2,300 Nm.

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