Most anticipated sports car the 2023 Nissan Z powered with twin-turbo v6 engine of 400bhp

Nissan’s Z coupe features a twin-turbo V-6 engine and a six-speed manual at base price of $40,000.

This is the seventh-generation Nissan Z car. Nissan Z is a rear wheel-drive car powered with twin-turbo v6 engine of 400bhp

It is designed as a two-door coupe with a manual six speed vehicle.

2023 Nissan Z cars

The Z will be available in the US market by the next spring season.

when compared to its predecessor Power is increased by 68bhp and there’s 30 per cent increment in the torque also.

The new Nissan Z can sprint from 0-60mph in 4.4 seconds which is 15 percent quicker than before.

Available in six-speed manual or nine-speed auto as per choice

The Nissan Z now avail in two flavors at launch such as Sport and Performance.

On all models, the Nissan Z features a pointed nose, squared-off grille, and retro LED light.

Nissan Z cars interior

A black partition is covering the length of the bumper.
Built in the horizontal LED taillights and a glossy black diffuser present in dual exhaust tips.

In the Performance model it features a rear spoiler as well.

All manual cars are built in a carbon-fiber composite driveshaft and “high performance” clutch.

Nissan Z cars old and new

Z Performance models are loaded with interior upgrades such as heated leather seats and an eight-speaker Bose stereo system.

A special Proto Spec model will be a limited edition car that will produce only 240 units in the U.S.

It features yellow brake calipers entitled with the Z logo.

Also built in 19-inch RAYS wheels, an exclusive shift knob lever in cars designed with the manual transmission.

nissan2023 interior function

Leather finished seats with yellow accents, suede and cloth door trim combined with yellow stitching throughout the cabin.

Every Nissan Z has active safety technology systems such as automatic emergency braking , pedestrian detection, blind-spot warnings, lane-departure warnings, and rear cross-traffic alerts.


Nissan doesn’t mention price details the 2023 Z will cost when it arrives in dealers next spring.

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