Mitsubishi’s First Electric car Airtrek revealed With Stunning Looks And 323-Mile Range !

In the US, Mitsubishi is electrifying its uninteresting lineup at a rapid rate.

Apart from its Outlander Plug-In Hybrid, none of the other hybrids we could mention and certainly not EVs.

In China, things are moving more quickly. The 2023 Mitsubishi outlander plug-in hybrid unveiled this month is a hopeful indication of what’s to come. It’s not just an incredible electric range of 54 miles, but it also appears and feels like a significant step up over other models offered by the company here.

Mitsubishi's Airtrek

The automaker unwrapped its Airtrek electric vehicle on Auto Guangzhou. Airtrek is an all-electric SUV.

Airtrek was used previously for the JDM-spec first-generation Outlander; however, this latest model is an entirely separate version of the current Outlander.

The Airtrek is a stunning electric vehicle that’s related to the New Outlander. It’s a couple of inches smaller. However, it’s about an inch larger than that of the Ford Mustang Mach-E.

On the front, you’ll find an enclosed grille with a hefty chrome bar to each side. The headlight assembly is separated by elegant daytime running lamps from the leading light designed in the shape of the number “7”.

The radar sensor is presented in the lower segment.

Black roofs contrast beautifully to the body. On the sides, there’s a raised beltline and the door handles.

The vehicle’s rear isn’t as appealing as the front one; however, overall, it’s a contemporary and stylish SUV.

Mitsubishi's Airtrek

The interior of the Airtrek is equipped with a horizontally-themed instrument panel, which the company says improves visibility.

The dual-tone look of interior upholstery adds an attractive feature and provides the cabin with an airy feel.

The Airtrek is equipped with 70-kWh of battery capacity that could aid in the attainment of an approximate range of 350 miles, based on the Chinese CLTC cycle.

Mitsubishi's Airtrek

The battery is located on the floor that helps lower its center of gravity. Local reports from China indicate that this electric engine generates 181 horsepower, which means it’s not the Future Tesla beater. But the Airtrek appears to be a positive move for Mitsubishi as it competes to get on the electric vehicle bandwagon.

Mitsubishi's Airtrek

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