Mazda MX-5 Miata automatic transmission is limited to only Miata Grand Touring

Mazda has released pricing and specs for the 2022 Mazda Miata.

The most important news is that the automatic transmission will only be available on the GT-trim model.

Do you want an automatic Miata? From now, you’ll need to purchase the Grand Touring.

A manual Miata is recommended unless you are unable to drive stick. It is one of the best gearboxes ever created, and it fits the car’s character better.

pricing for the new Miata and its new trims

Interestingly, the automatic-transmission Miata Grand Touring costs $33,315 while its manual counterpart is $33,815. The manual Miata is still affordable.

The entry-level Sport model costs $28,315, which is approximately $1000 less than the model last year.

The Club starts at $31,815. This trim also gets upgraded Bilstein dampers and a limited slip differential.


It also has a Bose sound system and wireless Apple CarPlay.

For 2022, the $4500 BBS/Brembo/Recaro package is back.

We love its beautiful BBS wheels, larger front brakes, and upgraded seats. The hardtop RF costs a little more than $3000.

Mazda Miata 2022 has Kinematic Posture Control (KPC)

The Mazda 2022 Miata has Kinematic Posture Control (KPC) which, according to Mazda, brakes the inner rear wheel at high speed corners to reduce body roll and improve corner exit traction.

Mazda claims KPC improves steering linearity. We reached out to Dave Coleman, the engineering guru at Mazda, for more information.

For 2022, the Miata will be available in Platinum Quartz Metallic, which is a very unusual champagne color.


Terracotta is a new interior color option for Grand Touring. It reminds me of the brown leather on the 2002 Miata SE. (See my previous post on Miata minutiae.

There aren’t many things that can be done, but it’s not necessary to make any changes. It’s one of the most desirable cars currently on sale, so upgrades are unnecessary.

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