Mazda is currently in the process of launching Two-Door Coupe

Mazda 3 hatchback is going to have having a sporty member

It’s a shame that the Mazda 3 is currently only available in hatchback and sedan versions, however If you look at the CX-30, it’s technically a crossover version also.

However, if there’s a aspect that’s not in the Mazda range as a whole there’s a coupe with two doors.

Mazda two door coupe sports car

Mazda’s legal confirmation for a two door coupe

In June 2021, and then released this month The documents were issued the priority date in July of 2020, which means Mazda intends to accelerate the process of registering the model. Mazda 3 has never been offered in coupe-style in spite of rivals such as Honda Civic. Honda Civic offering the sporty design.

In the documents, we do not look at a complete car. We do glimpse what appears to be the Mazda 3 Hatchback’s fundamental design, along with the details of the two-door body shell. The model is described as an “vehicle body structure,” the most important elements of the text that refer to the part number 6 describe “a two doors that are connected on both sides of the vehicle’s body …”

Mazda two door coupe sports car

Another patent document submitted to the USPTO provides a bit more information, describing the frameless door concept in more specifics. We all know that the most effective coupes have frameless windows and this is precisely that. The second patent reveals the inner workings of a door, specifically the framework and the hinge mechanism that is based on one hinge or door stay damper mechanism.

Features of Mazda two door coupe in drawings

While the sections of the door design show a cut-off, that does not show the entire window, anyone who has drawing expertise can tell that there is no frame to be seen.

Mazda two door coupe sports car

The text further describes the doors as “sashless” as an architectural term used to describe frames-free windows and doors. The patent, however, states that the window may not be made from glass, but rather the term “door window (which is not only glass-made but reinforced plastic-made).”

Mazda 3

Although the patent may appear to be a showcase for the Mazda 3 Coupe, the idea of a glass made of plastic to help reduce weight is better suited for the sports car. At present, Mazda’s sole sports cars, the MX-5 Miata and MX-5 Miata RF are convertibles.

This means that the design could be used to create an automobile that is a coupe, with a window that is light and constructed of plastic.

We don’t want to add additional fuel to the fire, but reports have been circulating that Mazda is developing an RX-7 successor. Earlier this week, patents revealed a rear-wheel-drive, three-rotor coupe that has an engine that is transaxle.


It is possible that these two patents could refer to this the reason that many patents have suggested some similar ideas are to be in the works. We’ve reached out Mazda to inquire about the possibility of a brand new model but only the time will tell.

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