Lamborghini will produce Aventador S Roadster with powerful 6.5-litre V12 engine and 740 hp for Korean fans

For Korean Lamborghini lovers, here comes car Aventador S Roadster to celebrate, Introducing the Aventador S Roadster as Korean Special edition, available in two variants

Aventador S Roadster is developed specially for Korean supercar lovers.

Lamborghini unveiled that this series will have two V12 super sports cars in an ultra-limited-edition avatar especially for Korea.

Lamborghini Aventador green

The brand hasn’t revealed the price yet.

While designing, the company has a clear idea about what actually connects the spirit of Korea and Italy.

The models show two primary colors of Korea – Green Ocno and the blue Emera.

Green Ocno represents ‘warm Korean sentiment’ and the Blue Emera symbolizes ‘intelligence and wisdom’.

The white interior ensures the two special series a contrast look for the exterior and interior.

Korean traditional windows featuring a criss-cross pattern of both vertical and horizontal lines are in the front bonnet, left and right door panels, and rear fender.

The Aventador S Roadster Korean edition V12 engine combined with 6.5-litre V12 engine will produce the power of 740 hp.

Lamborghini Aventador interior

This car can sprint from zero to 100kmph in just three seconds and can touch the speed of 200kmph in just nine seconds.

Top speed of the car is 350 kmph and its power to weight ratio is 2.2kg/hp.

The brand doesn’t reveal any price details or how many units it will produce for this series.

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