Hyundai Kona 2022 got an amazing upgrade

An Amazing Refresh For the brand new Hyundai Kona 2022

We suppose that it’s dramatic, If Hyundai has to hide too many details.

The rapid rise of Hyundai to fame is characterized by enhanced quality, innovative technologies, and a new design.

The company is looking to continue its upward trajectory by expanding into new areas of business and experimenting with new ways to earn money.

In the meantime the Korean automaker continues to develop these foundations of its automobile business which will result in more attractive designs. Hyundai Kona Hyundai Kona is among the vehicles that are preparing for a new look despite the fact the hot Kona N version only arrived in the year 2000. As the hefty camouflage our spy photographers captured, we’re still a while away from seeing the brand new appearance unveiled.

Hyundai Kona 2022

Hyundai Kona 2022 Specifications

Kona is the very first Hyundai product to have split headlamps, and Hyundai is not letting go of the style feature in the latest model. In the case of the redesign however, it’s apparent that the lamps on lower levels won’t be horizontal, but will be upright as is the case with Palisade as well as the Tucson. On the underside, we expect the newly designed Kona to be available with gasoline power and an electric model.

Hyundai Kona 2022

Without identifying decals, or obvious charge ports The prototype that we’ve seen here isn’t electrified. Internally the Kona is a brand new model. Kona is known as the codename SX2 and it’s Kona Electric is known as the SX2e EV and the lowercase e possibly referring to Europe. Codename SX2 N Line is also included in the lineup, therefore we should expect a sleeker version to be available for sale.

Interior specification

Inside, we don’t get to discern much, but we can say that the new infotainment screen will be joined by an updated driver cluster screen. At the rear end of the brand new Kona the rear isn’t so evident, but it appears that the design of the high-mounted tail light will continue to be used.

Kona 2022

The secondary taillights which have a horizontal design on this Kona appear to be receiving similar treatment to the clusters of lights located on the lower part of the bumper on its front. We don’t have much more, but it’s just beginning to be seen and we’ll definitely observe the test mule get a little camouflaged as the development progresses. In the near future, Hyundai will need to eliminate the aftermarket light bar and assess the vehicle’s lighting capabilities. If this happens, hopefully we’ll get a better look at the car’s design unveiled. For the unveiling, it’s likely to occur in 2023 however, the exact date isn’t yet known.

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