Hyundai signed with BorgWarner to produce small EV’s with latest integrated electric drive module by 2023

Hyundai Motor Group revealed that they signed a deal with BorgWarner to source electric powertrain for small EVs.

Hyundai is all set to produce small new pure EVs that will enter in production by 2023.

BorgWarner, the partner of Hyundai Motor Group has also confirmed that they together plan to launch new electric cars in the coming years, under the the branding of Kia or Hyundai.

Hyundai ev

BorgWarner has plans to build new electric vehicles with an updated integrated electric drive module that will combine the motor and gearbox into one bolt-in unit.

This technique is expected to be a space saver as well as a weight reducer than other electric drivetrain.

Hyundai’s new electric vehicle might be a city car which is between 3.5 and 3.7 meters in length.

Its electric powertrain might be 135kW (181bhp).

The electric powertrain also features a modular inverter that will boost the motor’s output to a100bhp,and thus the electric car will perform similar as an petrol i10 car

The car will share the same 400v architecture as Hyundai Kona electric car.

The 50kW DC rapid charger, is enough to deliver around 160 km of range in 30 minutes of charging

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