“Hypothetically, if they did make lots of electric cars, then they would be the leader !” Says Elon Musk

The GM Director Mary Barra said that her company isn’t planning to transfer its leadership role to anyone

Tesla is definitely the leader in the US electric car market. The American-based EV manufacturer holds a substantial portion of the world’s electric car market too. Since the majority of us concentrate on electric cars, it’s not difficult to consider other topics within the field.


In November, General Motors CEO Mary Barra was confronted about electric vehicles. She claimed the fact that GM is the market leader for EVs. Barra also claimed that GM will not surrender its position as the leader to anyone. This was echoed in the presence of US president Joe Biden during his tour of the GM ZERO electric vehicle plant, in which Biden took the GMC Hummer EV for a test drive.

GMC hummer EV

Mary Barra’s comment put a surprise to Many, since the renowned automaker is not even near Tesla in selling electric vehicles. .

In response to GN CEO’s remarks, Tesla CEO Elon Musk tweeted According to Musk’s prediction, GM has a chance to be an industry leader if it can begin to make a bigger amount of EVs.

At the moment, GM is far away from this point. Tesla is currently the top electric vehicle manufacturer across the US. Ford Motor Company recently said that it intends to up its game, and within the next two years, aims to become the second-largest manufacturer of electric cars across the US. If that were the case, also, General Motors would be third in the rankings, if not.

Model S Long Range

GM has invested a significant amount of money to create its brand new Ultium platform, which is dedicated to the futuristic electric vehicles produced by the automaker. In any case, consumers will witness a surge of electric cars hitting the market, as most automakers are working on a range of BEVs.

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