General Motors Ultra Cruise autonomous driving technology Will Take down Tesla !

The next-generation “hands-free” driver-assist technology will work in 95 percent of all driving scenarios, Claims, General Motors

-will launch in 2023.

GM revealed its new Ultra Cruise hands-free driving tech will debut in 2023,The future Cadillac will be the first one which impart this tech.

This Technology will work on every roads in the US and Canada

Ultra Cruise autonomous driving tech uses cameras, radar, and lidar and also has a 360-degree view of the car.

General Motors claims that this technology will work in 95 percent of driving situations.

The system will cover over 2 million miles of roads in the US and Canada at launch.
The goal is to reach more than 3.4 million miles, GM says.

This technology is really going to compete with Tesla’s Full Self-Driving tech .

But, Tesla’s system can currently cover only the roads with lane paint, and GM claims that Ultra Cruise can cover on subdivision streets.

GM President Mark Reuss said that Ultra Cruise would be able to cover both “urban and rural” roads, also to stop signs, traffic signals, and other complexities that Super Cruise is unable to detect currently.

Ultra Cruise autonomous driving technology

“It will enable hands-free driving in 95 percent of all driving scenarios,” GM said in an official statement.

“Customers will be able to travel truly hands free with Ultra Cruise across nearly every road including city streets, subdivision streets and paved rural roads, in addition to highways.”

“Ultra Cruise will do this in a slower environment, urban life as well,” Reuss said. “And again, we’ll have the maps out there to do over 2 million miles, moving to three and a half.”

Jason Ditman, chief engineer at GM, say that “The Drivers will be able to travel hands-free across nearly every paved road, including city streets, subdivision streets, and rural paved roads,”

Ultra Cruise autonomous driving technology

Ultra Cruise-activated vehicles will have inbuilt lidar, which historically is rare for production vehicles thanks to the high costs associated with the laser sensor.

“The sensing architecture is all new,” Ditman said. “There are additional cameras and radars, and we are adding lidar to the vehicle.”

“We do rely on similar map data,” he added. “However, we have a larger number of sensors that also observe the roads so when we combine the map accuracy with what our sensors see of the road geometry and the road markings, we’re still able to accurately place ourselves and drive the right nominal path.” Ditman concluded

Ultra Cruise autonomous driving technology

“We believe that the combination of different sensors – or sensor fusion – leads to the most robust hands-free driver-assist system for our customers,” said Doug Parks, GM executive vice president of Global Product Development.

GM mentioned that Ultra Cruise tech will be reserved for more luxurious models in its lineup, and the debut attempt is on Cadillac in 2023, likely on the upcoming Lyriq electric crossover.

Super Cruise facility is for its “mainstream models” like Chevy Silverado, which recently added the tech.

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