Ford F-150 Lightning and PowerBoost hybrids come with level 2 EV charging

Ford F-150 Lightning is a Mobile EV Charger can power other EVs

The Blue Oval’s F-150 Lightning electric and PowerBoost hybrid pickups are able to use an onboard generator to turn into portable Level 2 chargers for electric vehicles as well as assist other electric vehicles.

Ford F-150 Lightning and PowerBoost hybrids come with level 2 EV charging thanks to Pro Power, an optional Generator onboard.

The Standard 2.4-kilowatt Pro Power onboard generator however, isn’t equipped with this feature.

The forthcoming F-150 electric vehicle, called the Lightning, comes with a 9.6-kW generator and the PowerBoost hybrid comes with a 7.2-kW configuration.

Ford’s electric F-150 generators for charging other EV’s

The EV Centipede is the name that comes to mind Ford’s electric F-150 models can be used to charge other electrical (and likely plug-in gasoline-electric hybrid) vehicles with their Lightning electrical as well as PowerBoost hybrid vehicles’ 7.2 and 9.6-kW Onboard Generators. This should bring some goodwill.

Ford F-150 Lightning and PowerBoost

The Pro Power Onboard, this optional feature comes with a 240-volt connector to charge Level 2.

A smaller, 2.4-kW variant of Pro Power Onboard is available with both F-150 Lightning electric and PowerBoost hybrid pickups, however it is not equipped with the plug with 240-volts.

Ford promises that F-150 models that are equipped with the plug can provide the equivalent of 20 miles in one hour with a rear-wheel-drive Mustang Mach-E equipped with the bigger battery pack for the SUV; thirteen miles within an hour for an F-150 Lightning as well as 10 miles in one hour for the Ford E-Transit cargo van that has an open roof.

Ford F-150 Lightning and PowerBoost

These numbers aren’t going to break any records for charging speeds however it’s great to know the F-150 will provide a few kilometers of distance to an electric vehicle of a driver who was unable to charge only a few miles of the closest charging station.

powering other EVs with Ford F-150 lightning

In the same way, people who have two EVs but rely on one charging outlet could create an EV Centipede by connecting the F-150 Lightning into their grid-connected charging outlet and simultaneously charging their second EV via the Lightning’s outlet of 240-volts.

It appears that if there are enough Lightnings in the F-150 in the system, this EV Centipede could go on with every Ford truck drawing power from the outlet that is in the front.

Ford F-150 Lightning and PowerBoost

However, Pro Power Onboard isn’t only designed to charge other EVs.

All models of the Onboard generator are capable of charging or powering small electronic devices like laptops and cellphones thanks to 120-volt outlets.

Also, as we saw earlier the F-150 PowerBoost hybrid that is paired with the option of a 7.2-kW Pro Power Onboard Generator will be able to power a house.

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