Ferrari Testa Rossa J offers all electric engine with instant acceleration for the young collectors

Ferrari comes with all electric version of their classic race car

Ferrari Testa Rossa J is stated as the little car of big dreams by the brand.

Appreciating the effort taken by Ferrari for their passionate customers and young collectors of the future.

They designed their iconic car’s junior replica only for diehard Ferrari lovers.

“Rediscover the icon of the past with Ferrari’s new Junior Car.

Aimed to cultivate the passion of the most loyal customers and to share the dream with the young collectors of the future. “says the Ferrari team.


A brand trusted by millions wont compromise in their quality,

they have beautifully crafted junior versions with the highest quality materials.

They have engineered everything in first-class which makes Ferrari stand out loud.

Little cars of big dreams are powered with all electric engines and instant acceleration, this will excite every collector.

So the junior version is more updated and more powerful; it makes driving fun.

The Ferrari Testa Rossa J is an amazing recreation of the 1957 Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa.

One of the most famous cars of the 1950s and 1960s.

When it comes to safety and performance, safety is always Ferrari’s first preference so the car has been built with the maximum attention on dynamics and safety.

built in four driving modes, the car can drive matter how experienced the driver.

The Ferrari Testa Rossa J will have a wide range of customization possible, it is exclusively designed by the Centro Stile.

customers can configure and design their dream car with the help of an online configurator.

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