Chevrolet offering All wheel Drive for all electric Silverado

Chevrolet has unveiled its upcoming Silverado electric pickup truck that is built in four-wheel steering.

The Silverado has optional 24-inch wheels, which enhance its beauty to a higher extent but it seems to be a bit costly.

It is nothing to be surprised about the brand which offers a four wheel drive .

In 2002 model Silverado had the facility with “Quadrasteer,” which used a steer-by-wire system on the rear axle.

But it was very costly and added extra pounds, so it lasted until 2005.

Chevy does not reveal any specifics on Four-Wheel Steer

But on Hummer – which is exclusively for an off-road drive.

More details are not available at this moment. We can hope it will be revealed soon.

Chevy states that Silverado EV is capable for 400 miles of range

I hope it will enter production as early as 2023.

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