Brand New Kia Niro 2023 specs and features revealed

Little information was available about the car’s technical features, but now South Korean manufacturer has dropped the details.

But Today, the South Korean manufacturer has dropped the details of everything we are likely to see from this elegant compact car, which includes engines, safety features, and interior kit.

The Kia Niro 2023 was given its first public unveiling a couple of months ago, as an eco-friendly crossover.

Kia Niro’s exterior specifications

Kia confirms that the next generation of its Niro has been built from the ground up so that it can meet the complex and varied needs of sustainability-conscious consumers.

In comparison to prior models it now has an increased size and better storage and interior space.


It is also made of premium and sustainable materials that give an overall minimalist look.

Its exterior reveals the latest version of their Tiger Face design language which was first revealed in 2019, the HabiNiro concept. The front is adorned with two heartbeat-shaped designs for daytime running lights that give a modern look, with a skid plate as well as plastic cladding depicting an untamed nature.

In the rear, a pair of LED taillights that are vertically mounted alongside a basic tailgate.

kia niro

The design is complemented by the heartbeat-shaped rear reflector as well as lower bumpers with an integral skid plate in order to maintain a sleek and powerful appearance.

The crossover comes in a variety of colors, including six different shades for the C-pillars and three choices for the Cladding.

Kia Niro’s interior specifications and features

A symbiotic theme is present in the interior that is Kia Niro. Kia Niro includes an uncentered dashboard which curves around the front passenger.
kia niro

It is decorated with opposing diagonal and horizontal lines, as well as ambient mood lighting , which comes in the 74 colors. The interior is customizable by selecting Charcoal Medium Gray, Petroleum and Light warm gray.

The most notable characteristic of the instrument panel is the 10.25-inch panoramic display which incorporates the infotainment screen as well as an electronic instrument cluster. Below that is an infotainment display that is integrated along with the buttons for controlling the climate.

The center console is home to an electronic shift lever that resembles a dial along with a cupholder with a variable capacity tray as well as a wireless charger for smartphones.

kia niro

Kia Niro’s other notable functions

Overall, the Kia Niro measures 174-inches long, 71.9-inches wide and 60.8-inches tall, with a wheelbase of 107.1 inches.

Kia boasts a trunk capacity in the range of 15.9 cubic feet when you choose the hybrid-electric model, which is 0.6 cu. feet. improvement over the previous model.

Kia Niro as EV

This is due in part to the shifting of the Niro’s battery with 12 volts from the wheelhouse.
The Kia Niro can be purchased as a hybrid electric or plug-in hybrid, or as a completely battery-electric vehicle.

kia niro

Each of these options sends energy through the wheels of its front, and benefits from the company’s Green Zone Drive Mode, which allows the solely electric drive mode of the vehicle to offer emissions-free mobility in certain conditions and environments.

Kia Niro’s battery ,engine specification

The HEV is equipped with a 1.6-liter 4-cylinder engine from a gasoline motor that is rated at 100 horsepower and 106 lb-ft of torque.

When combined with the electric motor synchronous permanent magnet the power output increases to 139 horsepower. This system delivers power to the wheels through an automatic dual-clutch transmission with six speeds.

kia niro

PHEV and BEV specifications will be released as they approach their respective launches on the market.

Kia has also unveiled the new steering and suspension mechanism for the Niro.

Kia Niro safety features

It consists of front MacPherson type strut suspension at the front and a rear four-link arrangement in the rear. The front geometry and rear has also been modified to improve the performance, stability, and ride comfort.

It also comes with an improved steering gear ratio and a brand new tilt-type strut bearing which reduces friction and improves the feel of steering.

Kia niro

To provide a top level of safety Niro is designed to ensure the highest level of safety. Niro uses a lightweight, high-strength body with an impact structure with multiple loads.

The second-generation model comes as standard with the company’s DriveWise Intelligent Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS).

It includes collision avoidance in front and behind as well as high beam and lane-keeping assistance and rear view monitors as well as rear and front warnings of park distance and many others.

Kia niro

Some amazing Kia Niro 2023 technologies

As a crossover that is a modern model, this Kia Niro will also sport numerous connectivity and comfort features.

For drivers the head-up display is 10 inches and will display information on the windscreen.

This will include ADAS data , as well as navigational commands. A sophisticated voice control system has been created using the ability to recognize natural voices, which is able to manage key functions.

The Kia’s Digital Key 2 Touch system will be integrated into the crossover.

It can be controlled via smartphones using an app called Kia Connect app.

Kia niro

With NFC technology, motorists are able to unlock the vehicle and begin its operation without the need for fobs.

The integrated cameras in the front and rear will also have an in-dash camera function to increase the convenience of the driver.

Kia Niro is set to receive the launch of a global market later in the year, with additional details expected to be released nearer to the date.

Kia niro

The company clarifies that the specifications listed here may change and some models may only be accessible in certain markets. Details about the local product and pricing, are expected nearer to the date of the sale.

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