BMW hoping hydrogen fueling stations for the brand new iX5

BMW iX5 will unveil its preview in September’s Munich auto show. from the beginning of next year the brand will enter a limited number of production.

A hydrogen-electric vehicle and electric vehicle share the same concept. The difference is that in a battery-electric vehicle it will generate power or electricity from the charged battery while the hydrogen vehicle generates it from a hydrogen fuel-cell stack.

The fuel cell was designed in the front and took hydrogen from two tanks.

The two tanks are built in carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic and have the capacity to hold 13 pounds of hydrogen at more than 10,000 psi. refill takes only few minutes

BMW iX5 side

The fuel cell merges hydrogen with oxygen from the air to make electricity, in this procedure the byproduct is water so it is eco friendly.

The electricity mainly powers a single motor at the rear axle, but is also used to charge a small battery to deliver extra power to the motor during high-load situations.
Total power is 368 hp.The fuel cell alone generates 167 hp.

BMWiX5 hydrogen

BMW iX5 Hydrogen’s powertrain is green and eco friendly.

The vehicle features aerodynamically designed 22-inch wheels covered in Pirelli tire which is made from natural rubber and rayon
These materials are far better than petroleum-based synthetic rubbers which are generally used in modern tires.

BMWiX5 tire

But the fact is it’s not easy to find hydrogen fueling stations in most parts. Lack of a hydrogen fueling station is a big tragedy for this Green vehicle.

BMW doesn’t have a plan to bring hydrogen-electric vehicles at dealerships until 2025.

BMWiX5 interior

Let’s hope in future the facilities will become more advanced and
we can have hydrogen fueling station as well as hydrogen vehicles.

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