BMW Unveils its New SUV XM which Looks Like a Beast, Absolutely Scary!

The internet is unexpectedly in shock.

BMW’s M Division is grooming something very special. According to the latest teaser trailer, it’s an extremely scary thing. We’ve had snippets of information regarding the upcoming XM SUV for some time in the past; reports have indicated it could be called the X8. It is expected to generate approximately 750 horsepower using the hybrid V8 engine.

The beast SUV will be very strong. In the meantime, BMW has teased the Concept XM’s exterior prior to the official unveiling, and it’s recommended to sit down prior to you take in the entire thing. The grilles on both sides have been extended to the point that headlights were placed on the edges of the face.


On Wednesday, BMW released a teaser image on Facebook of its forthcoming high performance crossover SUV which will sport the M badge

The first official image gives an idea of the M-badged car and appears to be eye-catching. These kidney grilles look enormous probably for cooling and are highlighted with LED lighting. The running lights for the day appear to be located at the edges of the hood, but the headlights appear to be located in the lower area on the rear bumper. LED roof lights are mounted to the sides of the window.

The debut of the brand new M flagship will be announced on the 29th of November.


The car can be described as being a hybrid with high-performance that will be manufactured at BMW’s plant situated in Spartanburg, South Carolina.

This plant is the BMW Group’s largest worldwide and is currently constructing crossovers only. The list of models includes the X3 and X4, as well as the The X5, X6, and the X7. The list suggests the mysterious vehicle is the crossover BMW is testing over this year.


The crossover is in circulation as the X8 which is a brand name BMW has trademarked the name, there are rumors that it could be an individual BMW M model badged an XM. It’s interesting to note that BMW had a similar concept with it’s i X electronic crossover.

The car that will be showcased this month is a concept, but it’s likely to produce something similar to the concept  model. Expect the production version to be available in 2022 in 2023 as a model.

2023-bmw-x8-nurburgring-0-1024x555 (1)

As per the reports its having multiple powertrains, The top choice is likely to include an electric version BMW’s 4.4-liter twin-turbocharged V-8. An electrified inline-6 is an option. The V-8 on its own produces 627 horsepower on the M5 CS, BMW M’s most powerful model currently on the market. The combination of the engine and the electrical motor (or two) will boost the output to 700 horsepower.

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