BMW Reveals Its Upcoming Electric i7 Testing On Ice

The full-size EV premium sedan will be available from next year, and will be competing with Lucid Air and the Mercedes EQS and Lucid Air

Even in the ICE weather condition is not a big task for The BMW i7, its only few miles away from the Arctic region, Thus prove i7 can Survive everywhere!

The i7 will be revealed next year and be available alongside gasoline-powered versions for the next 7 Series.

BMW isn’t content to allow Mercedes dominance over the luxury electric sedan market with its EQS, is creating its own stunning electric vehicle, the i7.


The first spy shots of the car leaked in July last year, and ever since the vehicles that are being used to test the concept have shown no camouflage.

Since those who discern the white squiggly lines that appear on the black wrap and possess the ability to render the actual vehicle with a reasonable precision, we now have an idea of what the actual car will appear as, complete with the massive kidney grilles.

Fortunately, those who love BMW’s latest style will be able to experience the new design soon enough, as BMW just finished the winter tests.

BMW i7 electric

It is believed that the Bavarian company has previously been just a few miles of in the Arctic Circle, evaluating the electric BMW 7 Series in Arjeplog which is a popular Swedish testing site for many of the world’s most renowned automakers.

If your car is able to withstand in the typical conditions found in this region it is likely to perform flawlessly everywhere. BMW has tested its suspension system and the All-Wheel Drive systems in the new i7 along with its braking, steering, and stability and dynamics systems.

According to BMW, “also includes performance-oriented tuning of the wheel suspension, springs, dampers, and various regulating systems to match the different drive types.” We’ve already learned that the i7 is one of the fastest 7 Series yet, but different variations will be offered to those who do not need the full-on bragging rights.

BMW is set to unveil the brand new EQS fighter by 2022.

BMW i7 electric

In that year, we can expect an actual version of the XM SUV, the thrilling M4 CSL and the M3 touring (wagon) as well as a brand-new Le Mans endurance racer.

BMW’s first foray into electric mobility could yield as much as 650 horsepower on the M60 version, which is approximately 8 percent higher than its current top model of the standard 7 Series range, the M760i that produces 600 horsepower out of the 6.6-liter dual-turbo V12.

BMW i7 electric

However, that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll spend more than the conventional 7 model Merc is charging $9,000 less for EQS than they do for the S-Class and it’d be logical for BMW to follow suit if they want an enviable share into the market.

We’ll let you know when we have more information.

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