Blackberry is developing IVY software brain for electric vehicles

Blackberry and Apple are the two high security icons. From the last few years Blackberry stopped the production of smartphones.

The company turned their intention towards securing cars with their unique operating security systems, This Canadian Company played very essential role in securing cars. Suddenly it became a market leader with in a short frame.

Globally QNX operating system is already used in 175 million of vehicles,Demand for electric vehicles and their operating system is on lead in the market.

Recently blackberry developed a new software platform named BlackBerry IVY launched successfully in this march in partnership with Amazon’s Cloud AWS.

BlackBerry IVY software is strong enough to detect and save data from almost all parts of the vehicle’s sensors including camera,radar,speedometer.

This helps to improve the car performance, other communication quicker and easier.

BlackBerry IVY goal to provide this to every car makers same as like that of an Google’s open source Android operating system. By doing so it will reach almost every corner.

Sarah Tatsis, senior vice president of BlackBerry’s
Advanced Technology Development Labs says that “You can think about Tesla’s platform as a closed platform” .

“But what we’re creating is an open platform, or a platform that can be standardised across OEMs [original equipment manufacturers – i.e. carmakers] and across a mix of models.”

“I think over the next number of years most of the OEMs have a strategy around releasing connected vehicles and EVs that are connected as well. So I think we will see more and more of that. We’ll see a transition to most of the cars that are rolling off the lot that are connected and have additional capabilities in them.”she added.

Blackberry ensures cyber security to their customers , Its primary business is securing mobile devices such as phones and laptops. playing a big role in minimizing their possibility to cyberattacks.

Car become more connected means it hard to get cyberattacks.
BlackBerry will use its current technology to keep the information secure.

Tatsis added that “A car is a collection of a lot of different components, including many different sensors,”

“Things like EV charging stations would be connected. So your car could pay for itself from its wallet for EV charging.” she added.

Blackberry aims to “normalize” data across all makes and models to “really enable the development of a broader developer ecosystem”. she concluded.

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