Audi Skysphere first concept vehicle is a grand tourer as well as a sports car with dual mode?

All electric luxury roadster is the first member of the Audi skysphere concept, it’s like two cars in one.

At first it seemed like a little bit of a confusing concept , but now the Skysphere concept is much more clear .They mentioned it was a sports car with an autonomous system.

Well… now it is more clear that it’s a car with both modes. This dual mode is attracting feature of this concept vehicle. It consists of Grand Touring and Sports mode.

Grand touring mode for feeling the ultimate driving experience we had in the past. especially designed for someone who likes to drive and experience classic vehicles.

audi skysphere concept car

In sports mode it provides a wild and aggressive stylish ride, with upgraded better handling power also providing the commanding facility with connected presence for the driver.

But these things actually don’t matter ,what matters in the Audi concept ?

“The entire car changes its shape” !
Audi’s new concept vehicle can be used as a grand tourer as well as a sports car.

Audi concept brings together the strengths of both types of car in one by making some visible and experiencing changes.

Inbuilt in Modifiable wheelbase.

The Skysphere is 201 inches (5.19 meters) long in the Grand Touring mode whereas in Sports mode it is nearly 10 inches (250mm).

The steering wheel, pedals, and gear shifter attached into the dashboard gives a level 4 autonomous driving experience in the Grand Touring mode.

In Sports mode, the car’s interior itself changes into a more driver-focused configuration, offsetting the driver and passenger seat and the dash display even closer to the driver ,also ensuring connected driving experience.

audi skysphere concept interior

The car’s grille has a built -in variable lighting system, which changes the driving mode.

It’s actually playing an important role for signaling other drivers that the car is driving itself.

Cars have the powertrain of an 80kWh battery for 310 miles (500km).

The car is fully rear-wheel drive, this is a rare thing among EVs.

It has one 623hp (465kW) motor between the rear wheels.

Which can move the car from 0 to 62mph (100km/h) in four seconds.

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