Arriving Lamborghini Countach of 70’s as a hybrid

Lamborghini Countach of 1970’s is now arriving in hybrid version

Lamborghini officially has confirmed the return of the famous
Countach in new style, this classic might be an exclusive hybrid model. It might be a limited edition

old Lamborghini Countach

Lamborghini revealed on twitter today about the comeback of Countach.

In the teaser video and in photos shows a wedge-shaped hybrid car.

As per leaked Instagram photos shows the car’s full name to be Countach LPI 800-4,might have 800 horsepower.

The 20 seconds long video doesn’t provide enough information about the vehicle.

The teaser shows a young child putting up a poster of the original old Countach on his wall and asks, “What do you see?

A new image ready to be hung on a wall or the rebirth of a dream”

The conclusion shot shows a white, wedge-shaped vehicle in the distance and announces the revival of the Countach name.

We are expecting Lamborghini to unveil the all new Countach hybrid in Monterey Car Week.

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