Another Price Hike Price hike for Tesla Model Y

Model Y will get yet another boost of $1,000

Electric family cars are becoming extremely expensive.

The auto industry is experiencing a myriad of challenges that are causing a lot of stress, including the continuing shortage of chips and the general disruptions to logistics that are caused by COVID pandemic.

This leads to lengthy waiting periods, and in some cases higher costs.

The market leader in electric vehicles Tesla has increased its prices quickly in recent months, to the point that it’s out of control.

In May, we announced that the price on Tesla Model Y and Model 3 Tesla Model Y and Model 3 were increasing by $500. However, at the time it was clear that the Model 3 was already $2,500 higher than the price it was at the time of March 20, 2021.

Then In August Tesla announced yet again price hikes, this time specifically for its Model S which saw an increase of $5,000.

Model S Long Range

The latest information from Tesla confirms that their Model Y will get yet another boost of $1,000 with delivery estimations extended to 2022.

It’s a bit pricey. The Tesla Model Y will now cost $58,990 for Long Range trim (before options) and the Performance model will now retail at $63,990. The Model Y was previously priced at $57,990 and $52,990.

Model X Long Range

It’s the Model Y’s 2nd price increase within a month, following Tesla has recently revealed a $1000 increase. The constant price hikes are a sign of Tesla’s growing costs for the supply chain which have affected most car makers over the past couple of years.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk replied on this issue at the 2021 Annual Shareholder Meeting when he said “Our goal really is to make the cars as affordable as possible. We are seeing significant cost pressure in our supply chain, and so we’ve had to increase, at least temporarily. But we do hope to actually reduce the prices over time and make them more affordable.”

Tesla Musk

The Only good news is that the demand for the Model Y seems to be rather insensitive to the recent price hikes.

Model Y 2021 Model Y officially sold out in the US this week and left scores eager Tesla owners on an ever-growing waiting list.
Model Y Performance models are expected to start deliveries in the month of January 2022, while those with Long Range models will only start arriving in June of 2022.

Similar issues are affecting the delivery schedule in China, Model Y is already sold out in china, Model Y also sold out in the last week. In China, the estimated date of delivery for the models like the Model Y are 10-12 weeks.

In Germany the expected date of delivery is December 2021, which indicates that China’s Shanghai plant is shifting automobiles for export, instead of domestic sales.

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