All set to launch Volkswagen’s ‘NEW AUTO’ strategy in Europe by 2025

Volkswagen is on the way to The ‘NEW AUTO’ strategy and all set to launch it by 2030 world wide. At first it will officially launch in Europe, In coming years will cover all over USA.

Lets hope electrifying world of developments. By launching this Software ensures much safer ,smarter and autonomous vehicles.

“2030, the world of mobility will have seen the greatest transformation since the transition from horses to cars at the beginning of the 20th century.”

Mobility and transport as a service, fully autonomous, will be an integral part of our business model in 2030“We set ourselves a strategic target to become the global market leader in electric vehicles – and we are well on track.

Now we are setting new parameters “Based on software, the next much more radical change is the transition towards much safer, smarter and finally autonomous cars. That means for us: Technology, speed and scale will matter more than today.

The future of cars will be bright!” said  volkswagen CEO Herbert Diess during the presentation of  Group strategy “NEW AUTO “.

Volkswagen Group will be an essential driver of this transformation and speed up its realignment from vehicle manufacturer to a major, world software-driven mobility provider.

Creating Autonomous ,Digital ,Smart,Sustainable,Safe Future generation is the key moto of volkswagen’s ‘NEW AUTO’.

“We intend to install industry leading platforms across strong brands, to be able to have more scale and capture even more synergies in the future”, CFO Arno Antlitz said.

“We will scale our BEV-platforms, we want to develop a leading automotive software stack. And we will continue to invest in autonomous driving and mobility services.

During this transition, our robust ICE business will help to generate the profits and cash flows to do so.” he added.

unrivalled platform model to built future technologies

Volkswagen with its  four key technology platforms is meant to allow Volkswagen Group to generate unrivalled synergies for every passenger as well as light commercial vehicles brands and can also be partly capable for trucks.


Scalable Systems Platform (SSP)as Volkswagen Group’s next generation futuristic mechatronics platform will minimize major complexity over time.

CEO of Audi, Markus Duesmann said: “Introducing the SSP means leveraging our strengths in platform management and building on our capabilities to maximize synergies across segments and brands.

In the long run, our SSP will significantly reduce complexity in mechatronics.

Thereby, it is not only a central premise to lower CAPEX, R&D and unit costs compared to MEB and PPE and to enable the Group to reach its financial targets.

It particularly is the enabler to manage future challenges in vehicle development, as cars become more and more software-oriented.”

From 2026 onwards ,The Group plans to set up the production of pure electric vehicles on the SSP.

This next generation will be all-electric, completely digital and  distinctly scalable.

Mobility Solutions

“The car and individual mobility have a bright future. With its innovative brands and state-of-the-art technology platforms, Volkswagen is preparing to play a leading role in the new mobility world,” says CEO Herbert Diess.

Mobility and transport as a service, completely autonomous function is the major and an essential part of NEW AUTO.

This consist of 4 functions such as self-driving system , its integration into vehicles, the fleet management and the mobility platform.

“By the end of the decade, automated driving will completely change the world of mobility. Together with ARGO AI, we are developing an industry leading self-driving system which will enable us to offer completely new mobility services and autonomous transport services.

Volkswagen Group is aiming for a significant market share and additional revenue streams in this important future business.”

says Christian Senger, CTO of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles.

Christian Dahlheim, Head of Group Sales, says that “The Volkswagen Group aspires to achieve a strong competitive edge in the field of mobility solutions.

We will be able to offer services directly to our customers or cooperate with strong partners, depending on the specific situation in each market.

One vehicle fleet for all services will enable us to operate very efficiently.

Furthermore, our upcoming mobility platform will integrate all mobility offerings from the Group and our brands and thus maximize customer convenience.”

We can expect a lot more functions and opportunities with this newly developed Project.

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