All new Lamborghini Countach pictures revealed on Instagram teasers

New Lamborghini Countach Teased Again on Instagram and they revealed 3 pictures.

Countach is getting ready

Few day before the brand revealed about the returning of Countach as hybrid, but we they didn’t revealed any pictures of the car.

They only showed a covered image of a supercar underneath the sheet. But Today they have released three new images on Instagram.

The new teasers don’t reveal much of the car. One of the image showing a sharp front end written as ‘Countach’ badge on the sleek grille.

Countach teaser image

The second teaser says that the engine bay there is written as V12.

Countach engine image

In the last image we can see the engine air intake.
The intake’s shape looks squarish and it’s perfect for a supercar.

Countach air intake

Lamborghini provided only a little bit of information about this particular supercar, hope they will reveal much more in the coming days.

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