All-Electric Lucid Air breaks the record of Tesla with its Longest Range of 520 Miles!

The Lucid Air got the title of first electric car with a 520-mile EPA-rated range

It is 100 miles more than the trending Tesla Model S Long Range Plus.

The Environmental Protection Agency-rated the Lucid Motors’ Air Dream Edition as the longest range EV of 520 miles!

The Lucid Air is also rated as the longest-range battery-powered vehicle by a comfortable margin.

The EPA range of the Lucid Air and its many variants are expected to be higher than some of the Tesla’s models.

Now Tesla’s long-range sedan will soon lose its title once the Air goes on sale in the Market.

The company revealed some information about their strategy
that it is expected to launch a variety of variants of the Air sedan with prices ranging between $169,000 and $77,400.

Currently there are two versions: the Lucid Air Dream Edition and Dream Edition

In which Lucid Air Dream Edition has 520 miles of range and 19-inch tires .

Lucid Air Dream Edition has 933 horsepower

lucid dream air

Also Lucid Air Dream Edition has another version with 1,111 horsepower and it offers 471 miles on a single charge.

Here Dream Edition Range is 481 and the Dream Edition Performance version has 451 miles range when the vehicles have 21 inch tires.

The Air’s 113kWh battery capacity as well as its sleek aerodynamic design, provides an impressive look and range.

The range is subjective and the EPA rating of the vehicle is determined by the present Air’s performance under the specific conditions of the agency’s testing process.

Which excludes factors like steep hill climbing and climatic conditions like cold weather.

lucid dream air

“I’m delighted that our Lucid Air Dream Edition Range has been officially accredited with a range of 520 miles by the EPA, a number I believe to be a new record for any EV. Crucially, this landmark has been achieved by Lucid’s world-leading, in-house EV technology, not by simply installing an oversize battery pack,” said Peter Rawlinson, CEO and CTO, Lucid Group.

“Our race-proven 900V battery and BMS technology, our miniaturized drive units, coupled with our Wunderbox technology endow Lucid Air with ultra-high efficiency, enabling it to travel more miles from less battery energy. The next generation EV has truly arrived!”

“‘Improvements in efficiency will enable widespread mass adoption of EVs” , quoted PETER RAWLINSON, CEO and CTO, Lucid Group.

lucid dream air

Lucid states that its debut sedan’s quad-motor powertrain can generate a stunning 1,111 hp, it is capable to accelerate from zero to 60 in just 2.5 seconds and cover the quarter mile in 9.9 seconds.

The vehicle goes on sale in the end of the year or at the earliest of the next year 2022
Estimate price will be $140,000.

lucid dream air

Lucid also has plans to produce and sell their other variants of the Air in the market.

Grand Touring version is one of them it received a 516-mile EPA range rating

The Grand Touring variant has an estimated price of $139,000.

Longest-range Dream Edition has a starting price of $169,000.

lucid dream air interior

The automaker also has plans to sell two other, less expensive versions like the Air Touring that starts at $95,000 and the Air Pure with a price tag of $77,400.

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